Monday, July 13, 2009


Well this is old news but we did find a "burro" at Arizona however we didn't find the origional taste that we once had out there. this is one of the scenes that we found it is at Clifton-Morenci area , a couple of mining twin towns that are built on hills and are so neat.

We went up to Pinal mountain (tho not all the way to the top) , we went to Roosevelt Lake and couldn't get down to it like we used to. We also went to some indian ruins that were very neat. It was funny that they were right by where we used to live and we never knew that they were there.
Tammy got sick so they weren't able to come and meet with us after all so we enjoyed it all by ourselves and it was very interesting and fun. We would have rather they were able to come and see it but maybe next time. After we was home for about a week we left to go to Colo. to pick up Jamey and the kids and bring them here and Arkansas for a 2-week visit . We took them to Ar. on our way to our regional convention and they were able to be at most of the convention as well. It was great. Her parents will bring her here this next Sunday and we will either take her back home or Dustin will come here and pick her up depends on when little Ty decides to come or the Doc decides that it is time and helps it along.
In the meantime I am resting and enjoying my home. I was able to can some pickled beets tonight. I hope they turn out okay.
Well I will close this out and get to bed so I can meet tomorrows task with renewed good night all.