Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some summer events

Okay to begin with I have had the hardest time trying to post these pictures I don't know if it was blogger, my computer or my ability to use a computer...........but it has took days and my computer has threatened to shut down completely but finally here we are except for one picture and I will try again or maybe on another post. Picture above is of some of the tomatoes and beets that I was able to can this summer. Summer is swiftly passing. School starts here next week and the General Assembly is only a month away. I love fall but I dread winter so that puts a damper on fall to me.
Isaac looks a little ornery in this photo however I wonder what Savannah and Aleah were up to behind him.............hmmmm.

Maybe this one will give a

Savannah is playing with Lillie. I hope they all enjoyed their visit as much as we did.
We also added another member to our family on July 28th, another boy, Tyler Cayden Hays. We are so blessed!

I tried soooo hard to get a picture of Ty and Ashton but it just wasn't going to happen so maybe next post.