Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Didn't work

Okay Heather ........it didn't work I don't have a new background I just don't have any at all! (smile) Oh well maybe next time.

I wish I knew what to say after all this time...where has the time gone? It seems that we spent a lot of time going to watch Savannah play basketball and then as soon as she ended that she started softball and that was equally as fun if not more because it was outside and warm well I say warm there were a few games that I sat curled up in a blanket but that is just me (the rest of them froze and tried to act tough) Summer is here and I am loving it! getting outdoors as much as possible. Our garden is over come with grass we have had soooo much rain this spring. We are getting a lot of ripe tomatoes all of a sudden and a cucumber about a foot long today it is a burpless one and it sure was good.

I have a date with Ashton to go for a walk in the "forest" (thats what he calls our trees in our backyard) the next time he comes here during daylight. He thinks that there are bears and lions out there and I want to show him that there are not.

We have a family BBQ planned for Saturday. We hope to play frisbe golf and other outdoor games and cook and eat outside and shoot off some fireworks. Looking for a fun time.

Our convention is a week away and I can't wait! Looking forward to a great time in the Lord and fellowship with His people. tata for now.