Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun times

Okay we're back home and I have to say that we had a great time. We went to Colorado Springs first to visit Dustin and Jamey and the kiddos. Our stay there is never long enough because no matter what we are going to miss seeing them as often as we want to. We enjoyed visiting the Colo. Springs church and seeing everyone there again, Church of God folks are just like family you feel that you have known them forever and feel so at home with them.

After we left Dus and Jameys we headed south for a long drive. We had some WONDERFUL mexican food at Raton, New Mexico for lunch and then drove to Las Vegas, New Mexico and looked at the old depot there and an antique store.

The next day we headed south to Las Cruces and then east and we went thru a beautiful area of mountains. We stopped at a town called Cloudcroft and it was so neat a normal functioning town that was built like an old town. You felt like you were actually in the clouds. Snow was still on the side of the mountains and people were sliding down the mountain. (a new way to ski I

The whole trip was fun and relaxing but I was so glad to get home I decided that.
No matter what you see
or where you may roam
I've found myself
theres no place like home.
Okay back to our normal routine we started out by getting our drivers license' renewed . Mine was pretty simple but not so with my husband he decided that since he wasn't going to work anymore that he would drop his CDL so you would think that it would be a simple thing to do but no, we had to drive to Claremore and go to the Department of public safety to do that . we took a number and waited. And as we were sitting there I realized that they never ask you to change your weight or haircolor or anything (I guess the picture takes care of the haircolor) so I told my husband that they put my weight at 115 again and I haven't weighed that for a while. So of course I started to have fun with that and said that I could just see some highway patrol pulling someone over and fining them extra for not having the right weight on their license. And I figured if it was me he would say "and you aren't near this tall" and I would say, "well if I was that tall the weight would be right" so of course I got tickled and had to go to the car and leave my husband to wait by himself....good thing his number was next.
Okay so much for my sillyness I'll blog more later when I stop laughing.............heehee

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost Goose

Okay we decided to break up winter and take a little trip to the southwest and maybe catch some warmer weather and instead like a lost goose we headed north!! to see Dustin and Jamey and the kids. those grandkids can really influence but the Lord willing when we leave here we will take a shorter trip south. Maybe I can post some pictures when we get through. Anyway we are having a GREAT time visiting with the kids and "Pop" "Slug" "Bro. Monahan" Heehee was able to dedicate little Lillie while we were here and that was really neat. I'm sure you can see pictures of that on Jamey's blog soon.

Colorado Springs is beautiful with no snow and sunshine it is beautiful anytime but we don't come when the weather is bad so we're glad to get to come and see them a little more often.
We were able to see the garden of the gods and that was beautiful and I can't wait to see it in warmer weather when I can get out and enjoy it .

Well I hope everyone is having a great week and I'll try to post more later. God Bless all

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. Saturday we just shopped and spent the day running around . Sunday morning we had a real good Spirit of worship and Derek and LeAnndra came home with us for lunch and it seemed that we hadn't turned around twice til it was time to go back to service. Brother Johnny Wilson and Sister Johnna Willson came to the evening service and Sister Johnna gave a presentation and slide show about the Mission trip to Africa that she and Sister Connie Wilson, the Hawkins, and Brother Ard went on. It was very inspiring and interesting. It seemed like we were there meeting those folks and being in service with them.

Today was pretty good for a Monday I felt better than usual so I did laundry and baked my bread to try to get ready for a trip. We are contemplating taking off and just driving thru West Texas and just ending up where we decide to stop no particular destination or plan. We are a little crazy but we like that sort of thing. It seems relaxing to us.

Well if we take off I'll try to take some pictures and post them as well as comments of where we end up.

Until then God Bless all

Friday, February 13, 2009

Talk about a challenge

Okay you talk about a challenge my husband can't have sugar and I can't have gluten, dairy, or soy so try to cook meals and desserts with that! Well last night we wanted dessert and I found this recipe using corn starch instead of flour for Lemon Meringue pie so I made a "crustless" lemon meringue pie using half sugar and half splenda it turned out great! My husband was so excited he loves dessert cause when you shouldn't eat sugar you seem to crave it. Okay also a sister from our local church sent me this recipe via e-mail and I've tried it with the variations that we need and it is good and soooo easy especially for one or two people so I'm gonna include it. Hope some one can enjoy it too.

Microwave "cup" cake

1 coffee mug

4 Tbsp cake flour (plain not self-rising) or gluten free flour

4 Tbsp sugar or splenda

2 Tbsp cocoa (I use carob powder instead)

1 egg

3 Tbsp milk ( I use vanilla rice milk)

3 Tbsp oil

small splash of vanilla

3 Tbsp chocolate chips or you can use nuts, or coconut (the choc chips just makes it more gooey and chocolatey)

Add dry ingredients to mug, mix well with fork.

Add egg, mix thoroughly.

pour in milk and oil and vanilla, mix well.

Add chips if using.

Put mug in microwave, and cook for three minutes on 1000 watts.

Cake will rise over top of mug-do not be alarmed!

Allow to cool a little (I don't I turn it out on a plate and add marg. or butter to it)


Quick and good I hope some of you can enjoy it and feel free to add variations it seems to work any way that we tried it. It sometimes is a little chewy and I even used applesauce instead of the oil and it seemed to make it more soft and moist and you don't have the extra fat.

Buy heart cups and make a quick sweetheart dessert at candlelight how romantic.

Well until lata have a great weekend attend Church and God Bless

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have been thinking about how to describe the convention and there seems like I don't have the right kind of words to describe except it was an oasis in a dry place. The theme was "a revival of blessings" and that is exactly what it was, from start to finish. In fact we didn't have a scheduled class at the end because people were still in His presence and worshiping Him. One of my favorite things was that Bro. Jared asked us to stay there for lunch and after we eat instead of just visiting with the ones that we sat at lunch with to move around and fellowship with as many others as we could. So it seemed that we didn't even break for lunch but the blessings just carried over to the next session. WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!

We had good attendance and several visitors which seemed to just get right in and feel at home in His presence and that was a great blessing to all.

Well we're having spring time weather here, warm temps, rain and storms. I hope that this doesn't mean that winter will be in spring.............yuk!! oh well I'm just glad that we're having some warm now.

There is a lot of sickness going around here and from what I hear most everywhere else too but pray for us here it has hindered our attendance at the local church not to mention that I'm sure people are tired of being sick. Hopefully spring will help a lot of that but we need the Lord's healing most of all.

Well until next time.............

Thursday, February 5, 2009

not much going on

Well there is not much going on here just still trying to spring back from that virus that is jumping around and finually landed on us in spite of all our trying to avoid it we are much better except for our energy levels. and I suppose it could have something to do with the date on our birth certificates.

We have busy getting our taxes done and finually got that done WHEW WHAT A RELIEF!

Our district convention is this Saturday and I am sooo glad I need church and fellowship.
I think our theme is something like revival blessings and I can't wait for it. A feast of preaching, singing and God's blessings. I'll give a report after it is over.

Until lata have a good weekend.