Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Those were the days........

I talked to a nurse practitioner yesterday about my allergies to food and chemicals and she asked me where I worked to get exposed to something that could have caused my problems.........hmmmm I thot they know that the things that we are exposed to is making us sick. I feel that she was ready to help me file a law suit or something and get some kind of settlement or disability. It made me think back to when this all started and I remembered that it started when I got married and started moving around and when I was exposed to certain pollutants (like cropdusting) or taking certain medicines. The reactions weren't very often as they are now but were there just the same.

So that made me think about my childhood and the fact that I didn't have any of those problems then and I remembered that when I was a child that we lived on a small farm in town...if you can imagine we had a barn, a cow from which we got our own milk and butter, chickens running all over the yard from which we got our own eggs and when we ate a chicken it came from our own yard. We made our own bread everyday and every meal. I only remember eating one sandwich as a teenager and it was cold pinto beans and cold mashed potatoes between two pieces of white sandwich bread and having that sandwich bread was a rarity.

The small town that I lived in had no factories to pollute the air, ground or water. The water that I drank was well water and the only thing that I drank was water and milk. Some of our friends felt sorry for us and would sometimes bring us a bottle of pop. (did they do us a favor?) I thot so at the time but wonder now if we were not better off the way we were.

Our lives were stress free. We had no baby sitter other than our grandparents and then when we were older took care of each other when Mama worked. We had our own softball team and played "work-up" everyday of the summer and walked close to five miles to the creek to swim occasionly.

Lots of fresh air and exercise in a country setting and plenty of love. Our home was always full of love and no contention. We cut up and had fun at anything that was out of the ordinary. I still love to get together with all my brothers and sisters and reminisce about some of the fun things that we did and that happened to us.

I guess those were the days and they will never come back but I wish them for all of the young ones of today. I was so blessed to have experience them.

God bless all who reads and until next time tata for now.