Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun in NC

Vicky and I set out on Wednesday August 11th for Ridgecrest, NC to babysit for Isaac, Aleah, and Lillie while Dustin and Jamey directed Internationa Youth Camp. We went a little early to have a relaxing trip and get the room set up and some food purchased before we got the kiddos so we could consecrate on them and having fun with them. We went to the playground numerous times and then took them to the Fun Depot and to play miniture golf at Ridgecrest. We had soooo much fun with them but felt much like we had been thru boot camp since we are out of shape, old and the terrain there is

I'm adding some pictures that may give a little insight of the beauty there , however , I am not a very good photographer and don't do it justice. We decided to visit Biltmore Mansion as a tribute to Trent. He researched it on the internet and had most of the dimensions memorized. It was great! We were able to destress even tho it was a very strenous experience itself. This pic is of a flower carpet that they make with potted flowers.

This is a pic of the outside, we weren't allowed to take pic's of the inside but it was very interesting and showed the character of the owners, Though they were very rich they had hospitality for all their guest and it had more of a home feel than other mansions that I have visited.

I didn't take pic's of the General Assembly tho many people did and they are great. It was one of the best assemblies that I have attended. It seemed relaxed and sort of a camp atmosphere. We stayed on the grounds there in an apartment and was shuttled back and forth to the services. We were able to eat in the room and I was shocked at how much "gluten free" food I was able to get so that kept me feeling good and in turn kept me going.
North Carolina is a very beautiful state and the people were friendly and the Church members seemed so spiritual and blessed. I loved EVERY session of the Assembly!
God Bless everyone and until next time Go with God and He will go with you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

gettin ready to go

Well I'm doin all I can to get ready to go to NC next week, I've had a special invitation to go to IYC and be the royal babysitter and it is an honor, I CAN'T WAIT, I am looking forward to the trip with Vicky and getting to see that part of NC tho I wish my husband could go too.

Vicky and I are going shopping today to do some last minute shopping and I hope it can also be relaxing and a time to enjoy what we love to do and get us a little closer to being ready. It will be hard to leave the family behind here I wish all could go too!

It seems that every where you look people are having trouble and stressful times but Jesus said that we would have these days and I know that if we will just humble ourselves before him he will work everything out for us we can't make it without him. I know that there have been times that I thot I couldn't go on and I had no strength in myself and wanted to just not try but the Lord carried me and got me thru it all.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.....we had a break in the extreme heat and a little breeze and I went to town and then fixed some chicken/steak k-bobs for dinner and took some over to Scott
(the kids hated them) and visited Dalton for a little bit he is doing pretty good other than that leg is not workable at all it will take time and a lot of physical therapy to get it back working. I'm sure with the Lord's help and his determination he will get it going.

It is so quiet and peaceful right now and I don't want to get up and get started on the day but can't get ready if I don't so bye for now enjoy summer while you can it won't last long enough for me. School will be started before I get back from the Assembly and fall will be right around the corner............I love fall but not winter, however I know we have the four seasons and I need to love them all for what they are............I just can't stand to be

Monday, August 2, 2010


Most of my friends and family read our updates on facebook but for those that don't I would like to update, Dalton had his surgery on Thursday where they took almost two inches of bone out of his right thigh (a major surgery) the bones are held together with a rod put in the middle of the bone and held in place with a screw at the top and one at the bottom (that sounds like something that you would do to a board or piece of medal or something) anyway it has been real traumic to him and his body. He can't walk on crutches yet tho the doctors seem to think that he should. He doesn't eat very well so he hasn't gained his strength back yet. He seems to do better in the evenings than the mornings.

Thanks for all the prayers that you have prayed it is our only help.
We came home from the hospital on Saturday not even 48 hours after the surgery. That had to be rough on him as well. Being home is so much better than being in the hospital tho and I'm sure if there is any recoup it would be at home.

We have a change in Pastors this year at Pryor. Brother Don Branscum is our new pastor and so far both Sunday morning and evening was a blessing to the church. We love him and Sister Connie and welcome them to the Pryor Church. We are tempted to come to church with a dictionary as well as our Bibles Not that he talks over our heads but is an English and Spanish major and we may need the

God Bless everyone, keep us in your prayers.