Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay here goes.............

I know that people remember different things differently and especially about their childhood. So brothers and sisters if I remember things a little different than you do feel free to add your version of the incident and we'll laugh some more. I won't change mine but, will hear

My childhood was the most fun. Maybe because I was a free spirit and never allowed negative things to take root in my life and thoughts. Some may call that "burying their head in the sand" but whatever it was I had a great childhood.

It all started mama and daddy separated and mama and the five oldest of us kids moved in with her parents grandma and grandpa Proctor.

I was six years old , though I do remember a lot of things about my childhood before that ,nothing seemed so dramatic or significant about my life until this BIG transition that was to shape the rest of my life and make me what and who I am today. The only significant thing about my life before that was that I had bonded with my dad and all of a sudden he was gone.............something I never wish for any child. So here goes........... It must have been in the summer between my first and second grade years at school because I went to first at Pryor and the second I started at Strang.

I can't even imagine what it was like for my grandparents for us to move in with them, they had a two room house with a screened in porch across the front of it and no indoor plumbing. the front room which was a combination of living room, bedroom and closet and had a big coal stove right in the middle of it (served as sort of a divider I suppose) and the back room was the kitchen and dining room combined and a small daybed was also placed in the very north end of it for the boys to sleep in.

My grandma was very clean and organized and "in charge" and that was probably the only reason that she kept her sanity and she had her work cut out for her. Grandpa was a blacksmith with his own shop downtown (in a town of about 200 people). He immediately got to work on transforming half of that screened in porch into a small bedroom for my mom and oldest sister. My younger sister and I slept on a couch that made into a bed in the front room which was also my grandparents

My grandparents sacrificed a lot for us and never complained or even acted like there was anything unusual about it. God Bless them!