Tuesday, January 27, 2009

better clear this up

Well I guess I'd better clear up the previous post. I actually am NOT feeling like running away.... most of you that know my husband know that I would be a fool to run away he takes good care of me and I have no reason to run away. I was thinking about my sister and how she used to want to run away and I wanted to add soooo much to that story about the town and time that we lived there (I could write a book ) and it would be a comedy!! Any of you that have heard my brothers and sisters talk about our fun times understand. Any way it was late and I needed to go to bed so I spared all the details..........lol but it was fun thots and Jamey thanks for the open door I really appreciate it and it would be fun (lots of hand and foot) but so far I'm making it.

I spent two days down in bed sick and my husband took good care of me and now I'm all better and cooking for him instead of him cooking for me.. He broiled pork chops , spinach and opened a can of peaches and it was soooo good.......early in our marriage I was sick one day and he fixed those three things together so it has been a tradition with us and tho they may not seem like they would be that great they are maybe its the love that their fixed in. Thanks, Babe!!!

So I hope no one feels like I was unhappy and wanting to run away I was just having fun at my sister's expense.................lol


Until later..........

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ever want to run away?

When I was a child the ultimate way to get back at your parents was to run away. I was very content in my childhood and in my own simple way just thought that life was grand. My sister on the other hand was easily disgruntled and always wanted to run away, I saw her sitting in the yard one day and as I approached her she asked me if I would run away with her........being the realist that I was I began to envision life away from home and asked her "what would we do for food?" and "where would we sleep?" We lived in a small town of about 200 people (and almost as many dogs) and no other towns close so I also asked "How far do you think we would get before dark and have to come back?" I could imagine getting just across the river bridge which was about 5 miles from our home and not even close to another town or anything but darkness and loneliness.
I guess she couldn't come up with any answers to my questions because we never left.

Sometimes lifes burdens and cares can get so heavy that we can't face bearing them any longer and I guess that's where we get the phrases "Calgon take me away" and "Beam me up Scotty theres no intelligent life down here" and my favorite "I just steal away and pray".

I'm so thankful that we have a Lord to call on when things get to heavy to carry alone.
I'm not feeling heavy and like I want to run away but I thought of a friend and was thinking that the load may be heavy and it brought back the thoughts of my childhood and how we always thot of running away but we can never get away because as I asked my sister we always have to have food, shelter, and family so prayer seems like the answer to me. Good night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not an opinion but fact

Well today is the big day for America, Inauguration day, and I like many others will be watching and looking forward to "change" and I know that no matter what it will be change. The thing that caught my interest and hence the title of this post is the fact that the Minister was criticized for saying that he would pray "in the name of Jesus" well I like what he said "we are Christian Ministers and thats how we pray" I for one will stand up for Christianity and it looks like we are going to be challenged more than we ever have before. We ARE Christians and Jesus taught that when we pray we ask the Father in His name so to do any thing else would be a disobedience to Him. Its the same ole thing that has happened in the past the Devil hates Jesus and wants to stop him and hinder His work so he will try to intimidate his followers and make them think that they can't infringe on the "rights" of others . Isn't it a fact that we were here first? And our rights are important too. I think we have been very patient and lenient (more so than pleases the Lord) and its time we stand up for what is right and that is not just an opinion but a FACT.

Hope you all feel the same way and we will see a better America for it.......however the Bible will be fulfilled and I have complete confidence in the Lord for the future whatever happens.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay I know I'm computer illerate so I need some help I took a picture of me (actually my husband did) and saved it to documents on the computer and then when I went to edit photo to put in on my blog it downloads it to the place it shows the photo but won't finish......it gets halfway and just stays there til I stop it. I have tried this several times and it won't work. Any help will be appreciated......................thanks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anyone for a cup of tea?

Ok ay I woke up this morning and came into the living room to sit in my chair and drink my coffee, the thermometer said 15 degrees which is better than the 6 that was forcast (we may get that tonight tho) and as I glanced out the window I noticed that it was snowing and coming right on down...........it would have been pretty if it had been heavier and stayed longer even tho it barely covered the ground it didn't last long even in these temps which is a mystery to me.....anyway here in Oklahoma the winters aren't really pretty the trees lose their colors and turn brown and the grass turns brown and sky is grey and the sun hides it face from us as tho he is ashamed of us for some reason.............blah! However It is soooo cozy to sit in our warm houses on days like these and drink a cup of hot tea and stare at the fireplace...so at least we have that to look forward to. So here goes ENJOY!

Some common ingredients in herbal teas are listed below, along with some of their notable benefits.

CHAMOMILE- calms the nerves, induces sleep, and eases cold symptoms.

CHICORY-purifies the blood, improves the health of the liver and digestive system, and suppor ts the cardiovascular system.

GINGER- regulates blood sugar, improves circulation, eases cold symptoms, and eases stomach upset.

HIBISCUS- lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, regulates pH , detoxifies the body, and is high in vitamin C.

LEMON BALM- is calming, soothing, cleanses the skin, and is an anti-depressant.

LICORICE- helps with cough and sore throat, and improves digestion.

MINT- helps alleviate stomach upset and headaches, and is relaxing.

RASPBERRY- aids as a general tonic for the female reproductive system, especially useful with PMS symptoms, and is an antioxidant.

ROSEHIPS- is an antioxidant, helps prevent bladder infections, eases headaches, and is an excellent source fo vitamin C.

( THIS WAS COPIED FROM "would you like a spot of tea?" by Kelly Stripling, Certified Biblical Health coach

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well here we are into the new year and half way into the first month...doesn't time fly? Does it seem to anyone else that we all used to get our Christmas stuff put up earlier? We drove by a house today and the tree was not only still up in the living room but the lights were lit........it seems like we're all so busy that we can't get around to decorating or undecorating making the holidays last longer and longer. Oh well , I guess it will all get done in time I have all my Christmas decorations put in containers but not stored away in the attic so hopefully in a day or two it will get done and when I try to think about what has kept me so busy I really can't come up with a great excuse.

Anyway if January is halfway gone it seems like I'm goin to have to play catch up all year to keep up with the year.............lol

Well this is a short post and for sure not too interesting but at least I got a short post in.....maybe more later........tata for now.