Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my sanctuary

My home is my sanctuary, I am sitting here relaxing after packing to go to Shreveport, La. for Dalton's surgery to shorten his long leg. I just finished mopping my kitchen floor (I love it when it is clean and shiny) and I smell the meatloaf cooking in the oven and it smells sooooo good I am really hungry.......lol and I have Sirius Enlighten on the tv (good Southern gospel music) It feels so peaceful . This has been one of the most stressful months that I have ever spent. I hope things get better soon . I really could just stay here in this peaceful sanctuary and never leave.

I really believe that the Lord is coming soon and He is like an eagle taking the down out of the nest so we eaglets will feel so uncomfortable and we will want to fly. I'm ready to go but am afraid so others that may not be ready, maybe He's trying to make us ready.

My silly husband went back to work........he has an inspector's job that he always wanted and it is probably going to end up in our oldest son getting a permanent and good inspectors job as well we're sure hoping so.......he has worked so hard and so many hours that it has taken a toll on his health and other areas of his life and caused him to miss Church and that is not good for anyone.

Those of you that pray please pray for our family.........sometimes I feel that I'm wrestling for the very souls of some of them and I need God's Grace to keep it up.

Well I hope this post is not too dreary when I started out feeling so peaceful but I'm alone and relaxed..........lol
I haven't felt like writing lately and have been so busy that I just didn't get around to it. I kinda started July with a post and now ended it with one I sure hope August is a better month for me even tho I have to say that maybe I'm closer to God cause it has took a lot of prayer in order to keep my sanity.............God Bless all .


Jamey said...

Miss you guys and cant wait to see ya although I am going to miss pop.

Tammi said...

We're already praying. I wish my home were my sanctuary, but it is used for so many other things that it is just a roof over my head at this point. Enjoy your sanctuary and maybe say a prayer for my sanity. ;-)

Vicki Smith said...

How did the surgery go? I've been praying.
My home is my sanctuary, too. I LOVE being in the nest I've feathered. ;-)
As for the nest of this world--I'm so ready to take flight and leave! It's sad to acknowledge that not ALL of our loved ones will be ready to go, and as a result of their procrastination or their out-and-out defiance to the Lord's will, they will be left. It's inevitable. But it's up to us to take it seriously and warn them, and urge them, that time is very, very short. I can't MAKE them get ready, but I can get MYSELF ready. Even so, come Lord Jesus!