Friday, February 11, 2011


This is my back porch where the snow seemed to want to gather there is a table between the chairs that is totally covered the birds took full advantage of the hanging feeder and you can see their foot prints in the snow.....and theirs were the only
Pop going out to check the generator wondering if it would come on covered with snow.

a snow drift that looked kinda like a sharks tail and from my kitchen window it looked very much like it had a face in it so it looked like God's snowman.

Surprise I decided to post on my blog, I usually just communicate thru facebook these days its so much easier and I mostly just see whats going on with all my family and friends instead of posting however this last week I put pic's of the snow that we got with all the snow drifts. We got a total of about 38" in two weeks. The first week we had about 18" and that was a record and we were shocked and in Oklahoma everything just shuts down so we stayed in and cooked and ate stayed warm .

The next week we got another 20" and I have never seen it snow that much in Oklahoma and evidently no-one else had either cause the news said that we set all kinds of records . All of the turnpikes out of Tulsa was shut down even Semi's were jack-knifed and stranded, it was crazy.
There are no doubt many things that I could say since I haven't posted for 4 months but I can't think of anything important at the moment that I should say. So maybe if I can get back in the groove of posting I can catch up on some other things later.
The funniest thing about it is it forcast to be in the seventies by the end of next week, even 50 tomorrow and 6o's Sunday , crazy Oklahoma weather!

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Vicki Smith said...

You posted nearly a MONTH ago and I just now found it! I guess I quit coming to check after going so long without anything new. ;-)
Those are some GREAT pictures! That is a LOT of snow for Okies. These folks in Tennessee would absolutely DIE. They measure in fractions of inches, like "We got 3/8 inch of snow." WHAT?!?!? We just crack up at these poor folks. Bless their hearts.