Friday, March 27, 2009

Out like a lion

Well you know what they say about March "In like a lamb, out like a lion" and vice versa. Well it came in like a lamb and according to the weather forcaster it will go out like a lion, roaring, snorting and spinning. But at least we can say that it is going out! We got some much needed rain , it has been very dry here and the rain just seemed to pass us up every forcast but we got a good rain yesterday without a lot of storms so I am thankful.

Not much is going on here, I have been sewing and trying to get more organized. I am making a dress for Savannah . Actually she and I decided weeks ago that we would make a dress together, I will take a picture of it when we're finished it was a fun project to help her learn how to sew. She is very creative and is interested in anything that she can get me to do with her so I thot that would be something that she could use in the future. She is also taking piano lessons which I hope she keeps up , she seems to have a knack for it however this time of the year she would rather be outside hunting

We had good services at church this last weekend we were happy to have LeAnndra's Mom and stepdad to visit with his three children. They are here to work on Derek and LeAnndra's house and get it ready for the new arrival (which we found out the sex of but I will let her display that)

Clint and Vicky will leave soon to go to Shreveport, La. to work for a couple of months, we will miss having them around, their stay at home was short and Clint worked so many hours we hardly seen him. They were able to come to Sherries birthday dinner at Goldies tho and we all had a good time and visit . It was short but enjoyable.

Scott and Slug are raising rabbits together and Daltons sheep had twins and they are REALLY cute and playful so that keeps them busy feeding all the animals. So when "certain" kids come to visit they can pet the animals. ( we have a regular zoo here)

Well thats all for now maybe more later............tata for now


Heather said...

It's always been a zoo around there... now you just have animals! HAHA Oh and warning to the unexpecting- they pee! Just ask Ashton.

Tammi said...

I can't believe that Savannah is old enough or big enough to sew but it has been over 4 years since I last saw her so I guess she has probably grown some. You called Tammy "Slug"...ha ha, that cracks me up.

Yea for the rain without the ugly storms.

Gram (Connie M) said...

Tammi that is soooo funny nooo Slug is my husbands nickname...all I have ever called him most people call him Frank that was his dad's name so he nicknamed him Slug I thot everyone knew

Gram (Connie M) said...

Heath haha I forgot about that YES they do and lots he was soaked!!!

Tammi said...

Ha ha! That is so funny. No, I didn't know that your "husband's" nickname was SLUG! Leave it to me to make a dumb comment. ~hee hee~ Wow! I still can't believe that Savannah is 7 already. How fun for her to have Gram teach her to sew.