Friday, March 20, 2009

What is a blog?

What is a blog? When I first heard of blogs my granddaughter sent me her blog address and I wondered what is a blog? so I took a look and these were my thoughts.

(1) It is a diary that everyone may read

(2) It could be used to make money and advertise your products online.

(3) It is a great way to keep up with family that are far away.

(4) You can share your every activity even down to the meals that you eat and who cooks them and make people that read feel as though they have spent the day with you. what fun!

So what is a blog? a fun site for friends and family and even some strangers to visit and learn more about you.

It is a great way to share your feelings and experiences and writing skills (of which I have none) lol

I have so many thots about my childhood and the small town that I was raised in that I may start to share some of them soon get ready to laugh!

So I thot since I haven't posted for 2 weeks I should put something on here so here it is. I'm still here there is not much going on except I am elated about SPRING anyone else?

until lata I'll be reading your


Jamey said...

hey gram,
I would love to hear about all your childhood stories. That is one of the things I miss most is the time that I always got to spend with you. Hearing your childhood stories, garade saling, having lunch, and one of my all time favorites was going with you to see nanny fern. I miss all the times we got to be together and am very thankful for the close bond that I feel we have. I dont feel like the inlaw I really feel like family. Thanks for that. Now that I have rambled on and am getting myself emotional thinking back I will go. Love ya,

Gram (Connie M) said...

I TOTALLY miss all that too I think about it all the time you were a blessing to me, a real compadre' you are definitely NOT an in-law come home!

Moi said...

Heather's Gram!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I have just learned that you are a blogger and I am so happy you visit my blog from time to time.
I wrote you back a comment on my page as well-
I just love comments b/c it lets me know who is reading and what they thought of what I said - it starts a conversation.
hope you and your family are well and happy! long time no see!!!
p.s. I love this quote from your post, "make people that read feel as though they have spent the day with you. what fun!"