Sunday, May 10, 2009


At Church , for Mothers day, we asked everyone to share a favorite memory of their mother or the best advice she ever gave them.

So I was thinking about it and decided to share my favorite memory of my "Mama" with my readers.

On basketball game days the kids that rode the bus would stay in town to keep their parents from bringing them right back into town to catch the bus to the game.
Most of the kids were our friends because the four oldest of us kids were all born within 5 years and there wasn't a lot to do in a small community but school activities so the ball team was made up of us and our friends.

However, one day Mama looked toward the school ground (one block away) and saw two other kids walking around on the school ground and asked "Who is that walking around on the school ground?" and we said "Rose and Steve Parks" which other that one more were the only black kids in our school.

Mama said "well you kids go to the school ground and bring them here for supper because they can't play ball on an empty stomach."

That day my mom taught me to love and share with people of all races and that though we may not have a lot we should share what we have.

Until her death she always had plenty to eat and anything that she needed. She had a moderate income and was able to live in a nice apartment until her time to go home. I personally believe that her needs were met so well because she was always willing to share what she had and would not allow anyone to be hungry if she knew it.

I will never forget that Mother didn't say a lot and give a lot of instructions but I learned very young when I displeased her by her expressions. That day she taught me a lot by actions instead of words.

I hope everyone has a GREAT MOTHERS DAY.


Vicki Smith said...

Neat story. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You had a Great mom who we all miss and I have a Great mom also that apparently learned alot from her mom! I love you!

Your Daughter :)