Monday, May 4, 2009

One horse town

Okay I will start my journey back into my childhood. I want to describe the small town that we move to but first I want to tell a story about Pryor.

One day Mama was going to move from one house to another in Pryor and she drove my brother, sister and me by the new house which was very close to the elementary school and told us that when school was over to just walk there because she would be busy and it was only 2-3 blocks from school.
So after school we met and headed to the "new" house. When we got there we were amazed because Mama had already put things away and there was a bowl of fruit on the table. WOW a treat! We never had fruit! So we all three grabbed a piece of fruit and went outside to look for Mama eating our fruit.

But when Mama drove up she parked in the driveway next door and when we ran over there she was so embarassed because we had actually gone into the neighbors house and eaten her fruit.
Mama apologized to the neighbor and offered to pay for the fruit but, the neighbor thought it was funny and wouldn't accept payment. However, I'm sure she locked her house when she left after

Okay brother and sister (names will come in later post) you can't call me an air head on this one I was the youngest and only six years old............haha Even tho you were only seven and eight I was the youngest!

Okay, how can I describe the "one horse town" that we moved to. It reminds me of The Little House on the prairie town and house that we moved into. The town was very behind time...........which I loved it was so country and peaceful and safe. There were about two to three hundred people in it and you could walk anywhere you wanted to go from one end of it to another. The people were very loving and friendly. We called all of the older ladies Granny or Grandma and their last names.

Most houses still had outdoor toilets and wringer type washing machines. I am really not that old but these people hadn't advanced like some had.

So I got to experience both life

We had two general stores, a post office, an ice cream parlor, an old "haunted" hotel, a railroad depot, a feed store in which the owner lived and never washed his clothes.. When he felt that the khaki suit that he wore was dirty enough he just throwed it away and bought a new one (or vice versa) I hope we had a school with grades 1-12 and there were a couple of small towns that their schools only went to the 8th grades and so when they got to the ninth we were one of the schools that they could transfer to. And that was about it.

When I first moved there one of the stores still had a wooden sidewalk and a post rail to tie horses to.....I never remember seeing a horse tied there but I do remember a black man coming to town in a wagon pulled by horses.

Everyone knew everyone else and made it a point to know their

Well that is all I will post today you will get more of the picture of the town in later posts.

coming up next..........the introduction of characters.


Jamey said...

Hey gram. I am enjoying the stories. Keep them comin. Its like reading a good book. Love you guys!

Vicki Smith said...

I agree with Jamey. You tell your stories so well I feel like I'm there with you. I can see in my mind 3 young children going into a stranger's house and excitedly gobbling down the fruit. :-) Too funny!