Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

Well there is only 10 more days til Christmas and I'm about half-way done with my shopping yikes! I need some GOOD weather a lot of people are motivated to go Christmas shopping in cold weather and snow makes it better but I hate it I can shop better when it is sunny and 70 degrees out. Oh well maybe it will all get done somehow.

And maybe this blog will take better shape as I get more experienced with it.

So I'll keep trying to learn more about it and until then it will be very


Jamey said...

Hey gram,
welcome to blog world. Its fun that you are going to blog too. Love ya Jamey

Heather said...

Very cute and fun! I love, love, love it!

Gram said...

Thanks Jamey I thot it would be kinda fun to learn and keep in touch

Gram said...

you too Heather thanks for looking.