Friday, December 26, 2008

Its Over

Whew Christmas is finually over what a joyous and glorious time and yet soooo tiring! I am exhausted.

We had a great time of feasting and visiting and fun and games and most of all celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. And that celebration goes on every day of the year without all the hub-bub and fatigue.............thank the Lord for that.

Hope all of you had a great and wonderful Christmas and "Because He lives we can face tomorrow" and look forward to a great new year even in troubling times. WHAT A SAVIOUR!

Dustin and Jamey came on Tuesday evening and we got to see our beautiful new baby girl and see the other two for a day and was that fun. We look forward to next week and more feasting and fun to start off the new year with our visit with them on their way back thru to Colo.

So with no further news for the moment I will go and try to learn more about posting pictures to share. So TaTa for now

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