Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well here we are into the new year and half way into the first month...doesn't time fly? Does it seem to anyone else that we all used to get our Christmas stuff put up earlier? We drove by a house today and the tree was not only still up in the living room but the lights were seems like we're all so busy that we can't get around to decorating or undecorating making the holidays last longer and longer. Oh well , I guess it will all get done in time I have all my Christmas decorations put in containers but not stored away in the attic so hopefully in a day or two it will get done and when I try to think about what has kept me so busy I really can't come up with a great excuse.

Anyway if January is halfway gone it seems like I'm goin to have to play catch up all year to keep up with the

Well this is a short post and for sure not too interesting but at least I got a short post in.....maybe more later........tata for now.

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