Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not an opinion but fact

Well today is the big day for America, Inauguration day, and I like many others will be watching and looking forward to "change" and I know that no matter what it will be change. The thing that caught my interest and hence the title of this post is the fact that the Minister was criticized for saying that he would pray "in the name of Jesus" well I like what he said "we are Christian Ministers and thats how we pray" I for one will stand up for Christianity and it looks like we are going to be challenged more than we ever have before. We ARE Christians and Jesus taught that when we pray we ask the Father in His name so to do any thing else would be a disobedience to Him. Its the same ole thing that has happened in the past the Devil hates Jesus and wants to stop him and hinder His work so he will try to intimidate his followers and make them think that they can't infringe on the "rights" of others . Isn't it a fact that we were here first? And our rights are important too. I think we have been very patient and lenient (more so than pleases the Lord) and its time we stand up for what is right and that is not just an opinion but a FACT.

Hope you all feel the same way and we will see a better America for it.......however the Bible will be fulfilled and I have complete confidence in the Lord for the future whatever happens.


Tammi said...

Sis. Connie...you are blogging! I am so happy that you have joined Blogsville!.

I agree...we are going to see change...may not be what we want, but it will come. We are living in exciting, though challenging times. We must keep our hearts through all diligence and then we can reap our reward.

Gram said...

Yea its pretty fun and love to be able to communicate with all of you thanks for stopping by and commenting we do live in exciting times to see the Bible fulfilled right before our eyes