Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ever want to run away?

When I was a child the ultimate way to get back at your parents was to run away. I was very content in my childhood and in my own simple way just thought that life was grand. My sister on the other hand was easily disgruntled and always wanted to run away, I saw her sitting in the yard one day and as I approached her she asked me if I would run away with her........being the realist that I was I began to envision life away from home and asked her "what would we do for food?" and "where would we sleep?" We lived in a small town of about 200 people (and almost as many dogs) and no other towns close so I also asked "How far do you think we would get before dark and have to come back?" I could imagine getting just across the river bridge which was about 5 miles from our home and not even close to another town or anything but darkness and loneliness.
I guess she couldn't come up with any answers to my questions because we never left.

Sometimes lifes burdens and cares can get so heavy that we can't face bearing them any longer and I guess that's where we get the phrases "Calgon take me away" and "Beam me up Scotty theres no intelligent life down here" and my favorite "I just steal away and pray".

I'm so thankful that we have a Lord to call on when things get to heavy to carry alone.
I'm not feeling heavy and like I want to run away but I thought of a friend and was thinking that the load may be heavy and it brought back the thoughts of my childhood and how we always thot of running away but we can never get away because as I asked my sister we always have to have food, shelter, and family so prayer seems like the answer to me. Good night.


Tammi said...

Prayer is definitely the answer. I never wanted to run brother did quite a few times, but only until he got hungry. ~grin~

Jamey said...

Well if you ever do decide you want to run away then remember my door is always open. hehe! love ya