Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anyone for a cup of tea?

Ok ay I woke up this morning and came into the living room to sit in my chair and drink my coffee, the thermometer said 15 degrees which is better than the 6 that was forcast (we may get that tonight tho) and as I glanced out the window I noticed that it was snowing and coming right on would have been pretty if it had been heavier and stayed longer even tho it barely covered the ground it didn't last long even in these temps which is a mystery to me.....anyway here in Oklahoma the winters aren't really pretty the trees lose their colors and turn brown and the grass turns brown and sky is grey and the sun hides it face from us as tho he is ashamed of us for some reason.............blah! However It is soooo cozy to sit in our warm houses on days like these and drink a cup of hot tea and stare at the at least we have that to look forward to. So here goes ENJOY!

Some common ingredients in herbal teas are listed below, along with some of their notable benefits.

CHAMOMILE- calms the nerves, induces sleep, and eases cold symptoms.

CHICORY-purifies the blood, improves the health of the liver and digestive system, and suppor ts the cardiovascular system.

GINGER- regulates blood sugar, improves circulation, eases cold symptoms, and eases stomach upset.

HIBISCUS- lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, regulates pH , detoxifies the body, and is high in vitamin C.

LEMON BALM- is calming, soothing, cleanses the skin, and is an anti-depressant.

LICORICE- helps with cough and sore throat, and improves digestion.

MINT- helps alleviate stomach upset and headaches, and is relaxing.

RASPBERRY- aids as a general tonic for the female reproductive system, especially useful with PMS symptoms, and is an antioxidant.

ROSEHIPS- is an antioxidant, helps prevent bladder infections, eases headaches, and is an excellent source fo vitamin C.

( THIS WAS COPIED FROM "would you like a spot of tea?" by Kelly Stripling, Certified Biblical Health coach


d_lhays said...

It snowed last night here. We got a few inches. Derek was off because the high was 9 degrees for the day. I like the meanings of the different tea's. I'm sitting down drinking a nice warm cup of ginger tea right now.

Heather said...

Very cute and informative. I'm wondering if rasperry tea helps with pregnancy symptoms as well? If so I am about to stock up because it looks like I got a fresh dose of pregnancy today...

d_lhays said...

I read in my book and in a magazine you have to be careful with some herbal teas and it says to stay away from raspberry when pregnant.

Gram said...

Great info LeAnndra we need to check the labels carefully don't we?

Anonymous said...

Tell Heather to drink RED RASPBERRY LEAF TEA, not just raspberry tea. She can get it at most health food can also get it in pill form if you don't like the tea.