Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have been thinking about how to describe the convention and there seems like I don't have the right kind of words to describe except it was an oasis in a dry place. The theme was "a revival of blessings" and that is exactly what it was, from start to finish. In fact we didn't have a scheduled class at the end because people were still in His presence and worshiping Him. One of my favorite things was that Bro. Jared asked us to stay there for lunch and after we eat instead of just visiting with the ones that we sat at lunch with to move around and fellowship with as many others as we could. So it seemed that we didn't even break for lunch but the blessings just carried over to the next session. WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!

We had good attendance and several visitors which seemed to just get right in and feel at home in His presence and that was a great blessing to all.

Well we're having spring time weather here, warm temps, rain and storms. I hope that this doesn't mean that winter will be in spring.............yuk!! oh well I'm just glad that we're having some warm now.

There is a lot of sickness going around here and from what I hear most everywhere else too but pray for us here it has hindered our attendance at the local church not to mention that I'm sure people are tired of being sick. Hopefully spring will help a lot of that but we need the Lord's healing most of all.

Well until next time.............

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Tammi said...

So glad to hear of God's blessings in the convention. We'll be praying for all the sickness to go away.