Thursday, February 5, 2009

not much going on

Well there is not much going on here just still trying to spring back from that virus that is jumping around and finually landed on us in spite of all our trying to avoid it we are much better except for our energy levels. and I suppose it could have something to do with the date on our birth certificates.

We have busy getting our taxes done and finually got that done WHEW WHAT A RELIEF!

Our district convention is this Saturday and I am sooo glad I need church and fellowship.
I think our theme is something like revival blessings and I can't wait for it. A feast of preaching, singing and God's blessings. I'll give a report after it is over.

Until lata have a good weekend.

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Jamey said...

Hey gram! Glad to hear you are doing better. Have a great time at the convention and tell everyone Hello from the us. Love ya