Monday, February 16, 2009

Good weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. Saturday we just shopped and spent the day running around . Sunday morning we had a real good Spirit of worship and Derek and LeAnndra came home with us for lunch and it seemed that we hadn't turned around twice til it was time to go back to service. Brother Johnny Wilson and Sister Johnna Willson came to the evening service and Sister Johnna gave a presentation and slide show about the Mission trip to Africa that she and Sister Connie Wilson, the Hawkins, and Brother Ard went on. It was very inspiring and interesting. It seemed like we were there meeting those folks and being in service with them.

Today was pretty good for a Monday I felt better than usual so I did laundry and baked my bread to try to get ready for a trip. We are contemplating taking off and just driving thru West Texas and just ending up where we decide to stop no particular destination or plan. We are a little crazy but we like that sort of thing. It seems relaxing to us.

Well if we take off I'll try to take some pictures and post them as well as comments of where we end up.

Until then God Bless all

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Jamey said...

A trip that sounds fun. Dustin and I were talking and we wouldnt mind if by chance your trip landed you in Colorado somewhere between Denver and Pueblo. Hehe! Love you guys!